Barbara Houdeshell - Oil Paintings That Enlighten                                                

​"Art brings life!  It brings life and excitement to me as I create it and it is my 

pleasure to share that passion."

It is not my goal to capture every detail in my work, but to convey the spirit of a peaceful moment in time.  I have a deep passion for creating art that combined my love for the outdoors and painting the ever-changing moods and light on the landscape.  I feel a great connection in nature with The Creator in those quiet moments.  We live in such a busy world I feel it is my calling to capture the spirit of that special moment that has been given to us and to share it with others.  Therefore, I must paint what I love!"

I was born with a love of the outdoors.  Having grown up in the Great Lakes region, I fell in love with the beauty of nature that surrounded me.  I was always outdoors playing, hiking and exploring everything.  At an early age, I started to notice the beautiful effects of the changing sunlight and the way the fog would soften everything.  This made me feel alive and I wanted to draw it, paint it and just simply soak it in."

From the start of Barb's career in Ohio, she has divided her time between business and painting.  She has always known that strong business skills are necessary in everything one does.  She studied business and art and took workshops with top instructors whenever possible.

Barb had many wonderful experiences using her skills in helping to start a software company, the co-coordinator of one of the largest Fine Art Festivals in Colorado.  She has also been a board member of Evergreen Artists Association and a co-owner and marketing chair for Shadow Mountain Gallery.

Although those experiences have been wonderful, she feels most alive when capturing those special moments painting plein-air (painting outdoors on location).

Moving to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado nurtured that love for the outdoors and painting on location.  Her art continued to grow as she explored all that the mountains had to offer.  She has been blessed to have prominent instructors and mentors that have touched her life.  "They were so generous with their knowledge and helped me to grow beyond the formal education.  We should always be learning and growing.  I will be forever grateful to those who gave and shared so generously with me on my journey."

Barb now spends her time in Ohio and Colorado.  She works in oil focusing primarily on landscape paintings.  Although much of Barb's paintings are painted on location, she also works in the studio creating larger paintings from the plein-air studies.  Barb also performs her work on a commissioned basis.

Her paintings have been displayed through Fine Art Galleries, Bookstores, Plein Air Events and many other venues.  Many of which are in private collections nationally and internationally.

Barb is currently the owner of Bear Creek Fine Art and a member of Ohio Plein Air Society, Outdoor Painters Society and the Findlay Art League.

Be sure to look for Barb painting on location and stop a moment to chat with her and enjoy that special moment nature has to offer.​

Barbara Houdeshell Original Oil Paintings

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